Barn Jacket Bonanza: Work/Weekend

I love everything fall, the leaves, the colors, riding boots and of course barn jackets! Here are two great options. One appropriate for wearing to work and one fun pop of color for the weekend.

This Ralph Lauren jacket comes in three different colors, find the color the compliments the majority of your work attire.

barn jacket

Weekend: Have some fun with this colorful barn jacket from C. Wonder.

pink barn


Trend Alert: Caped Crusaders

The 2nd cape, I die.

M&J Blog

This fall we’re falling for a trend that has us feeling almost superhuman. This season let’s leave the emblazoned letters to the superheroes, but try their capes on for size. These elegant alternatives to jackets and coats are the perfect solution for those who prefer a little mobility in their outerwear. Not only are capes sophisticated and stylish, they’re also supremely comfortable. They also look perfect paired with a mini-dress or with tucked in jeans and killer boots for the ultimate in fall style. cfe2aa69e41081f36ea93ef6f328afae





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Midweek Midi Skirt

untitledBy now you may have noticed that I am in LOVE with the both the leather midi skirt trend and color blocking. This skirt is the perfect marriage of both…and it’s dirt cheap. Now that means that it may look cheap too. I recommend ordering it, trying it on and then making a decision. You never know, sometimes the best looks are the ones you didn’t spend your entire paycheck on.

How to Dress Like a DC Mayoral Candidate (…but better): Muriel Bowser

Well Washingtonians we are officially in the homestretch of the DC Mayor’s race. With exactly two weeks to go until Election Day, let’s table the policy debates and talk about something fun…FASHION. In my opinion, all three of the candidate could benefit from the talents of a stylist.

Today, I’m sharing my ideal outfit for Muriel Bowser, the Democratic candidate. Her wardrobe has had many highs and lows during her campaign, kudos to her for at least attempting to accessorize, but if I have to see one more picture featuring her string of delicate pearls…I’m going scream. In an ideal world, where DC residents actually dress like they live in one of the coolest cities in the United States, this is what I would like to see Muriel Bowser wear.

Ms. Bowser’s campaign color is green, so let’s run with it. This Veronica Beard blouse is both professional and sassy.


In addition to being stylish, this Old Navy Moto Jacket is also affordable. So anyone who complains that the candidate spent too much money on this fabulous outfit can eat crow!

motoNow the real Muriel would probably pair this top and jacket with pants….not my pretend stylish Muriel! We’re going with a leather midi skirt, like the ones previously featured here.

imageTime for shoes! I think these are to die for, obviously not canvasing friendly….



Next Up: Carol Schwartz….oh Carol we are going to have some fun with you….