What To Wear Underneath a Fitted Blazer

Thanks to Olivia Pope, Victoria Beckham and friends the fitted blazer is all the rage. The fitted blazer does not lend itself very friendly to billowy blouses and long sleeve tops. Here are my recommendations for what you can wear underneath your blazer.

We’ll start with two options from the Limited Scandal collection. I’m in love with this Origami Collar Blouse (wish it came in more colors) and this Pleat Collar Blouse.

image image

For a splash of color, take a look at the following options from Forever 21 and Nordstrom.




Plus Size Posse

Don’t worry ladies, I’ve got your backs. Like most women, my body loves to be in the state of yo-yo. Add no waist and a bust on top of that and it’s no wonder I resorted to wearing sweats and baggy sweatshirts for a big portion of college. This week Lane Bryant is having a 40% off sale and if I had to choose one outfit this is the one I’d choose.

The numbers:
This $140 outfit can be yours for only $84. A tulip skirt is the perfect way to balance out your figure if you are a bit top heavy. I also think the Dove Grey sweatshirt could be paired with a grey-ish slacks or blue jeans.


Thrifty $50: Adventures in Poverty

Oh the joys of being in your early-mid twenties. Well today is payday! However, just because I have a paycheck burning a hole in my pocket does not mean it’s time to go wild. Instead, I try to find complete outfits for under $50, or pretty darn close. Part 2 of the challenge, find shoes for under $50.

This drop waist dress is ADORABLE. Best part, it will only set you back $30.32. If you are round in the middle, the drop waist may not be flattering on your mid section.

This drop waist dress from Asos is ADORABLE. Best part, it will only set you back $30.32. If you are round in the middle, the drop waist may not be flattering on your mid section.

Check out this Forever 21 chiffon paneled blazer perfect for the office or a date. At $24.80 it does not break the bank. The back even lets you see the polka dots. This whole outfit will set you back $55.12, bucket of smiles because you look so great included.

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Time for shoes. These playful Asos flats for $47.38 are sensible for the office and snazzy enough for happy hour.


Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for sometime now. As a young professional two years out of college, I realized something horrific. I had become FRUMPY. Four years of Uggs boots and sweatpants had done a number on my fashion sense. Add that on top of working in a very fashion conservative city, our Nation’s Capital and I was a fashion disaster. With a lot of help from my Sister who attended college in the most stylish city in the world NYC and my mom, I’ve learned one outfit at a time how to be my own version of a fashionista.

For this inaugural post, I will leave you with the latest outfit I purchased at Old Navy, the Women’s Gingham shirt and Women’s Printed Jersey Pencil Skirt in Black Y-Dye . Initially, I thought that the gingham in the shirt and the design on the skirt were fighting one another, but then I started to love the combination. It was both subtle and unexpected.

I like that this outfit is cool enough for a casual Friday AND can be dressed up with a blazer. Best part: this outfit will cost you $38!

Stay Stylish Ladies!

Miss M