What to Wear Underneath a Fitted Blazer: On Sale Edition

It’s Scandal Thursday! Which means more styles inspired by everyone’s favorite gladiator. Best part? All of the styles you see below are on sale.

Option One has a surprise back perfect for an after work outing, I also love the color.

imagesCAKBOSO0Option Two comes in multiple colors and is extremely reasonable. jersey Option Three is a perfect peplum to pop out underneath any blazer. peplum Option Four is a steal if you can even afford the bargain price sleevless


Plus Size Posse

Don’t worry ladies, I’ve got your backs. Like most women, my body loves to be in the state of yo-yo. Add no waist and a bust on top of that and it’s no wonder I resorted to wearing sweats and baggy sweatshirts for a big portion of college. This week Lane Bryant is having a 40% off sale and if I had to choose one outfit this is the one I’d choose.

The numbers:
This $140 outfit can be yours for only $84. A tulip skirt is the perfect way to balance out your figure if you are a bit top heavy. I also think the Dove Grey sweatshirt could be paired with a grey-ish slacks or blue jeans.