Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for sometime now. As a young professional two years out of college, I realized something horrific. I had become FRUMPY. Four years of Uggs boots and sweatpants had done a number on my fashion sense. Add that on top of working in a very fashion conservative city, our Nation’s Capital and I was a fashion disaster. With a lot of help from my Sister who attended college in the most stylish city in the world NYC and my mom, I’ve learned one outfit at a time how to be my own version of a fashionista.

For this inaugural post, I will leave you with the latest outfit I purchased at Old Navy, the Women’s Gingham shirt and Women’s Printed Jersey Pencil Skirt in Black Y-Dye . Initially, I thought that the gingham in the shirt and the design on the skirt were fighting one another, but then I started to love the combination. It was both subtle and unexpected.

I like that this outfit is cool enough for a casual Friday AND can be dressed up with a blazer. Best part: this outfit will cost you $38!

Stay Stylish Ladies!

Miss M



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